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Made to make you feel comfortable & feel at home

Linens & Bath Towels

Please don't take bath towels to the beach...

All Park Pass

We have purchased an annual pass for our guests (normally $8/person). You can use the bottom portion of the pass to get 4 people into the light house (normally ($2/person). Please make sure to return the pass to avoid a replacement fee.

Gas Grill


Please clean lint trap after each use so dryer doesn't overheat.

2 Refrigerators


With dishes, glassware, flatware, cooking pots/pans, blender, toaster, k-cup machine, coffee maker, coffee grinder (BYObeans), plastic storage, kitchen gadgets, etc.

Fully Equipped Kitchen

Beach Chairs

There are 6 chairs which are hung in the basement on the wall. Please put then back in place when done using. 


There are 4 bikes at the house plus a 2-seater (2 men, 2 lady). You may rent other bikes from Fripp Island or bring your own. The two seater bike must stay in second gear. Please do not change the gears. Italian surrey hold 6 people; you need 4 adults to pedal. 

You may also rent bikes, scooters, mopeds, and more golf carts at the Fripp Excursion Center near the marina. You can reserve at (843) 838-1518. You must have a Fripp Island amenity card to rent items.


Located in the living room case. The games in the drawer behind the couch. Any missing DVDs will be charged to you.

Things to See & Things to Do

Places to Eat

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